A Word about depression

We all have negativity in our lives or our “sad story” however today I learned that depression is when you ATTACH yourself that that negativity/sad story. Take a step back (detach) and have an attitude of gratitude. Breathe through it. Don’t just push the feelings to the side but the mastery of Self is mastering your emotions and thoughts. It’s like exercise, the more you train yourself to go the extra mile, minute, etc is the extra life that you have invested into yourself. The mind is the same way. Meditation and being conscious/present is the training for the mind.
Don’t let that energy swallow you whole and don’t give up. The up’s and down’s in life come and go. Change will always happen. Move with the cosmos yet keep yourself still so the universe can make a path for you. When we try searching for what we want, the Universe can’t find us. Hence why “nothing is happening the way we want it to.” Stay present, behind your eyes. It’s not about the future or the past. Be here.
“Be present and present yourself.” Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa (Ladies’ Camp 2008)
You are the gift……the “present” from the universe/God.

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