Homemade scratch paper

Being in chemistry and biology classes, I have a lot of practice tests, power point presentations for lectures notes, and lab reports that I print off in order to study. I know people would say, print double side or pull up the problem on your screen and write down the answer yet I like the aspect of shutting down my electronics to make sure I have no other distractions while studying. I do double side print when I can but I like to use the back side of my sheets for notes.
Anyhow, I’ve been doing this for years and thought I would share it others for a scrap/scratch pad because there are times you need to write something down quick.
 So get all your scrap paper that is printed on one side, no matter the color 🙂 and cut the paper in half, in fourths or just keep it at 8.5×10. Place a binder clip to to the top of your bundle and Voilà! Scratch pad.
Also with the binder clip, you can hang it anywhere, keeping your work space clean and tidy.